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The Political Economics and Development Collection

The Celso Furtado Center and the Contraponto Publishing House, between them, publish the Political Economics and Development Collection, which aims to republish works that are out of print, and classics of political economics and development that still have not been translated into Portuguese. The first book of this collection is the classic Development and Under-Development, by Celso Furtado, which has been out of print since 1965.  


  • A economia do subdesenvolvimento (2010) – (2010 - The economics of underdevelopment) – A collection organized by A. N. Agarwala and S. P. Singh in 1958, which became a world-wide reference and had long dissapeared from the shelves in Brazil.

  • Desenvolvimento e subdesenvolvimento (2009) –(2009 - Development and Underdevelopment) – As the author himself defines it: “a critical summary and a reformulation and expansion of everything I have written related to economic theory over the past decade".


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