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The Celso Furtado Archives Collection

The International Celso Furtado Center and Publishing House, Contraponto have joined forces to launch the Celso Furtado Archives Collection, with the purpose of offering the public works by the professor as yet unpublished. This material, made up of manuscripts, course notes, preliminary studies, reports, correspondence, interviews and articles, has been compiled by the Center`s director, and Furtado`s widow, Rosa Freire d’Aguiar Furtado. Each edition offers comments about the work in question by modern-day authors.  



  • Número 5 - Ensaios sobre cultura e o Ministério da Cultura (2012)


  • Number 4 – “O Plano Trienal e o Ministério do Planejamento (2011)” (The Triannual Plan and the Ministry of Planning)


  • Number 3 - “O Nordeste e a saga da Sudene - 1958-1964 (2009)” (The Northeast and the saga of the Sudene) – Important documents relating to the “saga of the Sudene”, with five texts and an interview with Celso Furtado himself, notes made by Albert Hirschman, a deposition by Francisco de Oliveira and an article by Marcos Costa Lima.


  • Number 2 - “Economia do Desenvolvimento”, a course given by Celso Furtado at PUC-SP in 1975 (July of 2009) – Detailed notes made by Furtado for the course he gave at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo in 1975, entitled “The Economics of Development”. 
  • Number 1 – “Ensaios sobre a Venezuela: subdesenvolvimento com abundância de divisas” - December of 2008 (Essays on Venezuela: underdevelopment with an abundance of foreign exchange reserves) – Two studies, both extremely up-to-date, about the unique case of Venezuela, accompanied by an excellent interview conceded there, in 1974. 



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