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The Development Journal

Cadernos do Desenvolvimento - Development Journal is a biannual publication of the Celso Furtado International Center for Policies for Development, launched in 2006, aimed at promoting articles that focus on the theme of development in its different dimensions (economic, political, social, institutional, historical, territorial, cultural, environmental, legal, international relations, etc.), in harmony with the concerns recorded in the work and in the trajectory of Celso Furtado.
From nº 19, Cadernos do Desenvolvimento begins the migration to the Open Journal System. The previous numbers can be accessed from the top menu until the database is fully indexed. This system has been adopted by several academic journals and standardizes the process of submission of originals and peer evaluation. The change reflects the prospect of improving the grade in Qualis / Capes and keeps on the horizon the importance of this continuous growth.
The journal has a continuous flow for receiving the articles and submission, which follows simple steps, should be carried out exclusively by the system, in which the author should register:























  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 8 (Development Journals 8 – May of 2011) –Research entitled “A Sudene de Celso Furtado: 1958-1964” (Celso Furtado`s Sudene: 1958-1964) | Dossier entitled “Segurança alimentar e segurança energética” (Food and energy safety)| A Celso Furtado dossier, with a previously unpublished interview by Celso Furtado. 


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 7 Development Journals 7 – October of 2010) – Minutes of an international seminar on the Regional Development of the Brazilian Northeast, held in Recife, in October of 2009.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 6 (Development Journals 6 – July of 2009) – Minutes of four seminars - Problems and policies in Education, The agrarian question, Prospects for development and technological innovation, and Development and environmental impacts.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 5 (Development Journals 5 – December of 2008) – Texts from the debate at a seminar about South American integration, which inspired a specific line of reasearch at the Celso Furtado Center.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 4 (Development Journals 4 – August of 2008) – Minutes from five seminars - Energy, Projects for Implementing Regional Integration, Communications, The Metropolitan Question, and Problems and Policies in Healthcare – as well as two studies on Latin America.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 3 (Development Journals 3 – July of 2007) – Minutes from the international seminar entitled “Poverty and Development in the Context of Globalization”, held by the Celso Furtado Center in Rio de Janeiro.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 2 (Development Journals 2 – December of 2006) – Diagnostics and prospects in relation to Brazil, in the texts from three seminars organized by the Celso Furtado Center, coordinated by Prof. Maria da Conceição Tavares.
  •  Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 1 (Development Journals 1 – July of 2006) – Transcipt of debates at the international seminar entitled “Celso Furtado`s ideas still appropriate today”, sponsored by the Senate Economic Affairs Committee.

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