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The Development Journal

In 2006, the Celso Furtado Center launched its first periodical publication – the Development Journal -, in order to increase awareness of its academic activities, be they research, seminars, presentations or debates.

From the 9th edition onward, a new series was launched, now under the auspices of Professor Ricardo Ismael (Social Sciences, PUC-RJ), and its goals were two-fold: the magazine now published academic articles submitted to experts, and in parallel, included essays and original interviews, as well as a section containing documents related to the works of Celso Furtado.


Additionally, the magazine proposes that as from this edition onwards, it will produce an electronic version, in addition to a fully reformulated printed version that will continue to be sent to a wide selection of university libraries.  

Edições anteriores:






  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 8 (Development Journals 8 – May of 2011) –Research entitled “A Sudene de Celso Furtado: 1958-1964” (Celso Furtado`s Sudene: 1958-1964) | Dossier entitled “Segurança alimentar e segurança energética” (Food and energy safety)| A Celso Furtado dossier, with a previously unpublished interview by Celso Furtado. 


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 7 Development Journals 7 – October of 2010) – Minutes of an international seminar on the Regional Development of the Brazilian Northeast, held in Recife, in October of 2009.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 6 (Development Journals 6 – July of 2009) – Minutes of four seminars - Problems and policies in Education, The agrarian question, Prospects for development and technological innovation, and Development and environmental impacts.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 5 (Development Journals 5 – December of 2008) – Texts from the debate at a seminar about South American integration, which inspired a specific line of reasearch at the Celso Furtado Center.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 4 (Development Journals 4 – August of 2008) – Minutes from five seminars - Energy, Projects for Implementing Regional Integration, Communications, The Metropolitan Question, and Problems and Policies in Healthcare – as well as two studies on Latin America.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 3 (Development Journals 3 – July of 2007) – Minutes from the international seminar entitled “Poverty and Development in the Context of Globalization”, held by the Celso Furtado Center in Rio de Janeiro.


  • Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 2 (Development Journals 2 – December of 2006) – Diagnostics and prospects in relation to Brazil, in the texts from three seminars organized by the Celso Furtado Center, coordinated by Prof. Maria da Conceição Tavares.
  •  Cadernos do Desenvolvimento 1 (Development Journals 1 – July of 2006) – Transcipt of debates at the international seminar entitled “Celso Furtado`s ideas still appropriate today”, sponsored by the Senate Economic Affairs Committee.

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