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Memories of Development

In 2007, the Celso Furtado Center launched the first edition of yet another publication: Memories of Development. Dedicated to recovering and reproducing texts relevant to the debate on development, this periodical publication seeks to historically recover documents, declarations, articles and reports that are of vital importance to understanding the process of Brazilian development.



  • Memórias do Desenvolvimento 5 (Memories of Development 5 - October 2016) BNDES research reports: Between developmentalism and neoliberalism (1982-2004), coordinated by professors Gloria Maria Moraes da Costa, Hildete Pereira de Melo and Victor Leonardo de Araújo.


  • Memórias do Desenvolvimento 4 (Memories of Development 4 – September of 2010) – Reports on research into “The role of the BNDE (National Bank for Economic Development) in Brazil`s industrialization process – the golden years of developmentalism, 1952-1980”, coordinated by professor Maria da Conceição Tavares. 
  • Memórias do Desenvolvimento 3 (Memories of Development 3 – October of 2009) – Depositions by former presidents, directors and employees of the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development, previously BNDE) and of business leaders who had an important role and voice during the industrialization process. 

  • Memórias do Desenvolvimento 2 (Memories of Development 2 – July of 2008) – Important documents that help us understand the Brazilian economy during the implementation of industrialization, which marked the two governments of President Vargas and the governments of Presidents Dutra and Kubitschek.


  • Memórias do Desenvolvimento 1 (Memories of Development 1 – June of 2007) - Texts published by the Revista Brasileira de Economia (Brazilian Economics Magazine), during the 1950`s, that dealt with the theoretical debate between Professor Celso Furtado and economist Ragnar Nurkse.


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