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Monograph Prize

The Celso Furtado Center–BNB Monograph Prize (2010) was awarded to Pedro Paiva Marreca for his history graduation monograph entitled :Celso Furtado: Development and Democracy in pre-revolutionary Brazil”, written under the supervision of Professor Luís Reznik of PUC-RJ. Second place went to Mário André Machado Cabral, a student at the Law Faculty of the Federal University of Ceará, for his work entitled “Underdevelopment and the state of exception: aspects of the thinking of Celso Furtado”. A third place was not awarded by the judges on the Celso Furtado Center`s Scientific Committee panel, so as to highlight the quality of the first two works selected.

In his work, Pedro Paiva Marreca analyses “the relationship between the concepts of “development” and “democracy” in the work of Celso Furtado during the first four years of the 1960s, looking more specifically at two of his books: “A pré-revolução brasileira” (1962 – “The Brazilian pre-revolution”) and “A dialética do desenvolvimento” (1964 – “The dialectic of development” ).” 

For Mário André Machado Cabral economic law “in addition to regulating the behavior of private agents and the State alike through the use of norms, is unusual in Brazil`s case in that it is also instrumentally preordained with the task of overcoming underdevelopment (...). This is what Gilberto Bercovici refers to as the “Furtadian challenge”, which explains an attempt to make use of aspects of Furtado`s ideas in terms of the emancipatory direction of Article 3 of the Constitution”.

The first edition of the Celso Furtado Center–BNB Monograph Prize, aimed at pre-graduate and recently graduated students, seeks to highlight the best monographs dealing with aspects of Celso Furtado`s work, with the idea being to encourage the reading of such material at pre-graduate course level. The prizes, worth five thousand and three thousand Reais, are to be awarded on a date and at a venue to be announced shortly. 

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