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Studying Celso Furtado

The International Celso Furtado Center is home to Celso Furtado`s personal library. In this library, open to the public, the reader can find all the published works of Celso Furtado in Portuguese, and in a dozen other languages, as well as a vast collection of books and theses on Furtado`s works. The Center does not have author`s rights over Celso Furtado`s works, which belong to his heirs. However, with their authorization, the Center regularly publishes the Master`s previously unpublished texts in the Celso Furtado Archives Collection, run by his widow, Rosa Freire d’Aguiar Furtado. The Center has also published a book by Furtado that has been a long time out of print, Desenvolvimento e subdesenvolvimento (Development and Under-Development), in its Political Economics and Development Collection.

The works of Celso Furtado are regularly revisited by both national and international specialists, whose subsequent writings are included in publications by the Center, such as The views of Celso Furtado and the Northeast today, Memories of Development No.1, where the disagreement between Celso Furtado and professor Ragnar Nurkse in the 1950s was recounted, and The Development Journal, the Center`s half-yearly publication.

The Center regularly organizes roundtables and courses about Celso Furtado`s works in a variety of Brazilian universities, as it did in 2009, with the celebration of fifty years of the first edition of Economic Growth of Brazil. Involving the participation of some of the most eminent specialists on the works of Furtado, some of these courses and events were filmed, and can be seen at the Center`s library, and shortly online as well. The Center`s study grant program demands support and research of the works of Celso Furtado, and in 2011, an Award was offered for the best monographs on aspects of Furtado’s work, aimed at those about to graduate from Brazilian Universities.   

The Center hopes to shortly begin treating Celso Furtado`s personal files, which bring together a rich collection of documents, correspondence and his writings. Finally, the Center backed the production of the film Um longo amanhecer (A Long Dawn), by José Mariani, authorization for the showing of which should be obtained from the author himself.  


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