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The Celso Furtado Center`s statutes make reference to associate patrons, corporate entities who are prepared to make an annual financial contribution to ensure that the Center`s proposals are realized. Associate patrons have the right to a seat on the Center`s Deliberative Council.  

The Celso Furtado Center has five such associate patrons, four of whom were founding patrons:

These were joined, in 2010, following approval from the Deliberative Council, by the Banco do Nordeste do Brasil, which had already previously sponsored various of the Center`s activities, such as its study grant program.

The relationship between the Center and its associate patrons also extends to the organization of activities in partnership with the Corporative Universities and the Human Resources departments of these companies. In 2010/2011, the Center participated actively in celebrating 150 years of the federal loans and savings bank, the Caixa Econômica Federal, by organizing a series of conferences on the subject of Brazilian Development and the Caixa, and a competition of monographs.    

BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, during the presidency of Guido Mantega (now Finance Minister), had a significant influence on the creation of the Celso Furtado Center. To this day, the BNDES provides the Center, and the Celso Furtado Library, with office space and infrastructure within its own installations. The Center, meanwhile, financed a work of research, coordinated by professor Maria da Conceição Tavares on the history of the BNDES: The role of the BNDE in Brazil`s industrialization – The golden years of development – 1952-1980. Of the presidents of companies who sponsor the Center today, professor Luciano Coutinho (BNDES) is the only founding associate, as an individual member.

These were joined, in 2013, following approval from the Deliberative Council, by the Agência de Desenvolvimento do Ceará (Adece).

In 2014, Eletrobrás asked for the association to be disbanded and in 2015 Petrobras announced that it could not contribute in this exercise. In 2017, Caixa Econômica Federal and BNB asked for the association to be disbanded.
Remain in 2017: the BNDES and the Adece.
In 2017 the Engineering Club (Clube de Engenharia) received the title of Meritorious Associate of Celso Furtado Center.

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