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Scholarships and the Prize

The Celso Furtado Center`s program of Master`s and Doctor`s Degree Scholarships was set up in 2008 in order to encourage studies on the subject of development. In 2009, the Center signed an agreement with the Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB), which ensured the offer of additional scholarships to those already offered by the Center, and under which regional development, linked to the specific problems faced in the Northeast of Brazil, was included in the Center`s lines of research. 

In 2010, the Center launched, once again in partnership with the BNB, a program of Research Scholarships for those with PhD`s, which selects up to four research projects a year, and a Monograph Prize for pre-graduates which, in 2011, had as its theme, the works of Celso Furtado.
All these programs are created and monitored by the Centro Celso Furtado Scientific Committee (Comitê Científico do Centro Celso Furtado).   
Through its scholarship programs, the Celso Furtado Center means not only to encourage studies dealing with the problems of development, but also to create long-lasting ties with young researchers, their supervisors and the Academia as a whole. Even after their scholarships have terminated, the Center continues to follow the career of its former scholars, to whom it may offer missions of information gathering and research in their areas of specialization.
This program of  Scholarships and the Prize has been terminated in 2012.
Some examples of the career path taken by the Center`s scholars and former scholars include:
  • Carlos Henrique Santana, PhD scholar who has been teaching courses in the areas of international relations, public administration and political science at PUC-Rio and at UFRJ.
  • Daniela Carbinato, PhD scholar and today a scholar at the IPEA.
  • Dilson Trennepohl, PhD scholar who resumed his academic activities at UNIJUI, where he is a member of the permanent faculty of the Post-Graduate program in Development. 
  • Giuliano Contento de Oliveira, PhD scholar who is now a professor at Unicamp.
  • Josemary Alves, Master`s scholar who is now a professor at UFRN.
  • Maurício Andrade Weiss, Master`s scholar who is writing his PhD thesis in Economic Theory at Unicamp.
  • Paula Nabuco Felipe, Master`s scholar who after spending a year in China is now preparing her PhD thesis and working with the Celso Furtado Center in organizing a support program for Advanced Asian Studies. 
  • Pedro Cury Rocha Curado, Master`s scholar who is writing his PhD thesis on International Political Economics at UFRJ.
  • Rafael Gumiero, Master`s scholar who is beginning his PhD thesis in Political Science on the role of National Regional Development Policy in the economic development of the Northeast during the Lula administration.
  • Raphael Gouvêa, Master`s scholar who is a researcher at IPEA and published an article with his supervisor, Gilberto Tadeu Lima, in the last edition of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics. One of his works was awarded second place in one of the categories of the most recent Monograph Prizes awarded by the Brazilian National Treasury Department.
  • Thaiz Braga, PhD scholar who is presently Director of Research at the Department for Economic and Social Studies of Bahia state.


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