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Lines of Action

The prime objective of the Celso Furtado Center, according to its statutes, “is to promote development in such a way as to ensure a fair distribution of its costs and benefits in social and regional terms”. To document, study and debate development, to propose initiatives favoring development, and to educate in development are among the activities in which the Center is involved.

These activities are organized around certain specific themes, the most important of which is, obviously, encouragement to study the life and works of the Center`s patron, Celso Furtado. The second most important theme is that of Developmentalism, aimed at responding to the new realities of the global economy, its teaching and its theories. 
Another theme that has gained increasing importance in the Center`s work is that of the regional economy, with particular, but not exclusive attention paid to the Northeast region of Brazil. The regional question opens the doors to one of the characteristics cultivated by the Center in all its activities, namely that of multidisciplinarity, which is also a facet of studies on South American Integration, another theme of great interest to the Celso Furtado Center. Finally, the Center is a strong supporter of studies on International Economics, and especially those related to developing Asian economies and south-south economic relations. 
All these activities are based upon a series of scholarship programs and publications, and are supported by a constant attention to the needs and opportunities of Educating, especially agents of development. All these themes work together to construct a more coherent view of the question of development in the world of today.  

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