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Books and Magazines

The Celso Furtado Center`s publications include the printing of books and magazines in partnership with other institutions, with content linked to their main activities.


  • Complexidade econômica (2017). The book is aimed at beginners in economics studies, laymen and also economists who are interested in the subject. The text has an informal tone, to encourage the reader to research more about the topics discussed, stimulate the debate and make the reading more interesting. The analyzes and discussions are simple, direct and current, but with a strong theoretical and empirical basis, in addition to bringing recommendations for further reading. The goal is to motivate the reader to continue exploring the concepts and ideas presented from the discussion of everyday themes. In addition to dealing with current debates in the Brazilian and world economy, the book approaches theoretical topics in an applied way, always seeking the connection between theory and applications.

  • Como os países ricos ficaram ricos... e por que os países pobres continuam pobres (2016). The book had its first edition in 2007 in English - How rich countries got rich ... and why poor countries stay poor, and arrives in Brazil through the partnership between Celso Furtado Center and Editora Contraponto, with translation by Caetano Penna. Erik Reinert, is an economist, a specialist in economic development and economic history at Harvard and Cornell University.



  • Brasil, sociedade em movimento (2015). Organization of Pedro de Souza. A collection of 45 articles by national and international researchers that discuss the obstacles, aspirations and demands of the Brazilian development model. And on our relations with Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It is, above all, a full-body portrait of Brazil in 2015, of a society in movement that seeks, is indignant, innovates, retreats and advances. Co-edition with Editora Paz e Terra.

  • Florestan Fernandes, 20 anos depois – um exercício de memória(2015). Organização de Vera Alves Cepêda e Thiago Mazucato
    In this book, organized to remember the 20 years of his death, the authors present some investigative contributions on the work, the man and the legacy of Florestan Fernandes. This book is an attempt to make a contribution to the set of studies and research, mainly in Brazilian political and social thought, on this important author. Realized by the group "Ideas Intellectuals and Institutions", UFSCar.



  • Monografias Premiadas Eletrobras 50 anos - collection of the winning monographs in the contest organized for the 50th anniversary of Eletrobras. The employees of all Eletrobras companies and retirees were invited to write on two themes: "The contributions of Eletrobras Companies to the economic, social and / or technological development of the country over the last 50 years" or "Scenarios, opportunities and challenges for the growth of Eletrobras companies in the next years ".



  • O desenvolvimento econômico brasileiro e a Caixa: palestras (Brazilian economic development and the Caixa Economica Federal: presentations) – brings together the texts of those who acted as speakers during the Cycle of Conferences on the theme of “Brazilian economic development and the Caixa Economica Federal”, held during 2010.

  • O desenvolvimento econômico brasileiro e a Caixa: trabalhos premiados - (Brazilian economic development and the Caixa Economica Federal: works that were awarded prizes) – brings together works that have been awarded prizes, by graduates and under-graduates, in the Monographs Competition entitled “Brazilian economic development and the Caixa Economica Federal”, held in 2010. 


  • Que país queremos? Propostas de desenvolvimento (2010) – (What kind of nation do we want? Proposals for development - 2010) – Full transcript of the debates held during a closed seminar run by the Celso Furtado Center that included six of its partners in Rio de Janeiro, shortly before the presidential elections.

  • O pensamento de Celso Furtado e o Nordeste hoje (2009) – (The thoughts of Celso Furtado and the Northeast of today - 2009) – This book is the result of a cycle of conferences held by the Celso Furtado Center in three Northeastern regional capitals, which brought together specialists and the academic and political communities in an effort to rethink the region. 


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