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The Celso Furtado Library




Bringing together a collection built up by Celso Furtado over the course of his personal, academic and professional life, the Celso Furtado Library contains more than seven thousand volumes, which between them reflect the subjects that fascinated him from early on in his life: history, literature, economics, philosophy, culture, and principally, economic development, with a focus on Brazil and Latin America.

Celso Furtado (1920-2004) graduated in Law and joined the civil service as an administration and organization technician. After he got his PhD in economics, in Paris, he moved to Chile where he lived for ten years, and where he was one of the founding members of UNECLAC (CEPAL). While there, he expanded the scope of the interests that would later guide his activities as an intellectual, professor and public figure: understanding Brazil and the study and theory of development. During the 1960s, he implemented and ran Sudene (Superintendency for the Development of the Northeast), and was Minister for Planning.  During the twenty years he was in exile, he lectured at the universities of Paris, Cambridge, Yale, American and Columbia. During the 1980s, he was Brazil`s Ambassador to the EEC (European Economic Community), and Minister of Culture.  

The year of 2006 saw the start of efforts to organize Celso Furtado`s personal collection, with the transfer of books from his apartments in Rio de Janeiro and Paris, and the processing of the collections that toady make up the Library, located at the headquarters of the International Celso Furtado Center for Development Policies. 


The Celso Furtado Library comprises the personal collection of Celso Furtado, and the collection of the International Celso Furtado Center for Development Policies (CICEF). It contains more than seven thousand volumes, specifically dealing with economics, Brazil, Latin America, history, philosophy and culture. It brings together the intellectual output of its Patron, in Portuguese and in a dozen other languages, articles in academic magazines from around the world, from the 1940`s onward, reports, pamphlets, reference and social science works, and theses coordinated by Celso. The video library contains DVDs of interviews conducted with Celso Furtado as well as recordings of academic activities run by the Center.    


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