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Celso Furtado answers to President Lula

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Please allow me to express my gratitude for the honorable references made to my work as a public servant during your speech at the inaugural session of the UNCTAD XI meeting. I became convinced early on that it is the duty of the national state to exercise a decisive role in the perpetually menaced construction of this great country, Brazil.

We will be incurring in a historical mistake of serious consequences if we fail to admit that the decline ofnational States – agents of collective will – has as its inevitable consequence a greater concentration of economic power at a global scale. This is a particularly serious problem in those countries endowed with a great development potential as is the case of Brazil. The definition of a development policy for a country of continental dimensions necessarily includes making a commitment that will affect the destiny of future generations. Rather than lead to political paralysis, however, this perspective should foster transparency in the implementation of strategic government actions.

It is important for Brazil to assume a position of leadership in this confrontation between developed and underdeveloped economies. Considering that Brazil is the country with the greatest development potential, it is inevitable that the powers that defend the supposed current world order form coalitions against it.
Taking this into account I consider Your Excellency’s idea of creating an international center dedicated to the study of underdevelopment-related problems an excellent one. Developed and underdeveloped economies must receive distinct treatments. We cannot ignore the speci.cities of underdevelopment lest we be condemned to surviving in the dependence scenario we know so well.
I would hereby like to place myself at Your Excellency’s entire disposal in your noble quest in favor of development and the preservation of our national independence.
Respectfully yours,
Celso Furtado
Letter by Celso Furtado to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, July 5th 2004.

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